Hard-edge painting by Robert Lardus – POLIPROFILES

Robert Lardus’s paintings from the POLIPROFILES series are abstract artworks in the hard-edge painting style. The human figures in every painting are very enigmatic, even invisible, hidden under abstract forms. Robert uses hard-edge painting to show the multi-layered and complex nature of human nature. He does not impose his vision, he does not speak directly. 

Interpretation of abstract painting

Lardus in the hard-edge painting POLIPROFILES series excels at suggestion. In science, this mechanism is called the left-hemisphere world interpreter. Without interpreting images, without judging, evaluating and analyzing – there is no art. The viewer’s brain demands that what penetrates his consciousness has a shape and a cause. When this expectation is not met, it creates its own projections. 

The result is surprising interpretations. He expects the viewer to build his own world, his own interpretation. The artist believes that this way we become more aware of our own feelings.Lardus' canvases are finished entities. Precise hard-edge painting messages. And there is no contradiction in this with artistic considerations and a margin for the viewer’s interpretation. 

Emotion in hard-edge painting

The works do not carry an emotional charge until they are interpreted. We, the viewers, give them meaning. After a moment of looking, we will see animals, plants, creatures, objects, faces, whole figures. There are sudden transitions between colors. Color areas often have one consistent tone. Artist presents us with visions, the viewer perceives them, but he, their creator, has the key to them. It is the artist who releases these visions with his works. The painter likes to flirt with the culture of Asia, the culture to which he claims he owes his artistic catharsis. His element is hard-edge painting. The goal is a creative artistic journey, abstract deliberation, color and formal deliberations. In this journey he uses his own penetrating techniques.