HUMANOGRAPHY process painting

Process painting is a creative process in which the unique technique used indicates the painter’s vision. This style of painting is treated as a creative journey. The technique chosen and developed by the painter in the Union allows for the reflection of the artist’s expression not only in the form of a painting, but also the painting matter itself. Process painting is a creation process in which technical creativity is an important aspect. Unique technique is one of the elements emphasizing the individuality of the creator.

Process painting

This kind of painting, due to its approach to art, distinguishes artists of this style. The uniqueness of the technique is the painter’s trademark. Many painters develop dozens, sometimes hundreds of their own painting techniques. Uses unique materials, painting tools and raw materials. It expands the spectrum of expression in this spectrum.

In his painting, Lardus excels at suggesting, does not impose his vision, does not speak directly. The viewer’s brain demands that what comes to his consciousness have a shape and a cause, but when this demand is not satisfied, it fictionalizes and, as a result, creates surprising, changeable and changing interpretations. They are the goal of Lardus' artistic journey. In science, this mechanism is called the left-hemisphere world interpreter.