INTERFERENCES calligraffiti abstract compositions

Robert Lardus – INTERFERENCES – calligraffiti

Human figure as icon, symbol, sign. INTERFERENCES by Robert Lardus refers to the art of calligraffiti. It is true that the artist does not use typical calligraphy, typography and graffiti. He creates new symbols based on simplified drawings of a conventional human figure: calligraffiti in Robert Lardus' INTERFERENCES are simple iconic forms referring to letters. In this way, the artist obtains a completely new, wider message.

Symbols become an image and then an abstraction. On the other hand, the shapes refer to complex letters. INTERFERENCES is, in a sense, pseudo-calligraffiti: it is a complete abstraction in which the subjects do not create an unambiguous record. The content of the message remains to be interpreted by the recipient.

Robert Lardus communicates with his calligraffiti INTERFERENCES series. Communication is the essence of our life. It is a skill that is constantly developing. We have to communicate in order to play different social roles, articulate what we think and see, express what we want and what we feel. Encoding and decoding the message of individual or entire social groups is our whole life. Robert Lardus uses various signs and symbols for this purpose. Calligraffiti artworks from the INTERFERENCES series are created using a unique leaching technique. Each time a different paint density is applied, which is partially rinsed off as it dries.

Robert Lardus uses a unique technique of paint rinsing. Thanks to this „paintings” acquire a multidimensional form of several layers of paint.The subject seems metaphorical to the recipient. The artist moves from single shapes to a wide, often open composition. The alphabet of the human figure in INTERFERENCES is the basis for Robert to transform an image into a completely new form. The calligraffiti composition is meant to give the viewer a concrete reflection on the human condition. It is a story about a man in a group, community, interaction with others. It is blurring the individual to the benefit of the group. Multilevel, multilayered structures show the complexity of an individual’s life in a community.