Robert Lardus – HUMANOGRAPHY – painterly calligraphy

HUMANOGRAPHY – painterly calligraphy

Sign, symbol, color and gesture come together to form painterly calligraphy. The basis of calligraphy is writing. Painting, color and light are the basis of painting. Both of these areas are linked by the use of artistic symbols. Calligraphy uses traditional tools: liquid ink, a brush or a calligraphy pen. Handwriting is the transmission of certain meanings using standard characters. Calligraphy is not only a record, but also an art of communication. Calligraphy is meant to convey something at the same time metaphysical and physical. Painting is the art of gestures that transfers the energy of the body and spirit into the image. It is an anecdote, a story, a medium of icons and strong messages. Robert Lardus joins these fields in painterly calligraphy.

HUMANOGRAPHY series of artworks

For Robert Lardus, the painterly calligraphy in the HUMANOGRAPHY series is a tool for recording emotions. Emotions related to relationships between people. The human figure is used in his paintings as an icon, symbol, sign. HUMANOGRAPHY refers to both the art of calligraphy and figurative painting. It is true that the artist does not use typical calligraphy or a typical human drawing. He creates new symbols based on simplified drawings of a conventional character.

On the other hand, he writes a story using simple, iconic forms referring to letters. It is an epic of human relations. In this way, the artist obtains a completely new, wider message. The characters have been turned into abstract signs and the letters have acquired human characteristics. Painterly calligraphy doubles beyond the literalness of the original meanings.

For Robert, the alphabet of human figures in HUMANOGRAPHY series of paintings is the basis for converting an image into a completely new form. The unique composition is intended to evoke a specific reflection on the human condition in the recipient. It is always a story about a man in a group. It is about interaction with others, in the community. It is the blurring of the individual in favor of the group. The art of calligraphy by Robert Lardus consists of multi-level, multi-layer structures showing the complexity of an individual’s life in a group.