Robert Lardus – POLIPROFILES – color in hard-edge painting

Robert Lardus – POLIPROFILES – color in hard-edge painting

Color in hard-edge painting allows the use of a clean, clear composition. The intensity of color and the absence of surface textures is characteristic of the works of Robert Lardus in the POLIPROFILES series. When we look at these pictures, we have a sense of complexity, completeness and extraordinary consistency. A single image is a uniform composition with a clearly defined range of colors.

In his work the artist uses color as one of the main elements of creation. Color in hard-edge painting from the POLIPROFILES series is responsible for the composition. Lardus carefully manages the „color interaction”. He is looking for unique colors that are intertwined. Sometimes it complements the color gamut with contrasting primary colors. The effect is very unique. Expressive colors in strong arrangements create harmony and sonority. We have the impression that the music seeps out of the pictures.

This use of color in hard-edge painting results from the painter’s design approach. Lardus is interested in the structure and interdependencies of elements. He precisely plans the rules and principles governing the entire composition. This attitude fully embraces his philosophy of using color. He tests many color combinations to choose the most coherent, related and strengthening the idea of ​​the composition.

Composition in Lardus painting

Lardus is a typical hard-edge creator. The colors he uses create complex ranges. Even a basic study of his paintings shows that they are asymmetrical. The artist uses surprisingly simple compositions. Color in hard-edge painting is very consciously used. Like every line, it is thoughtfully designed and carefully modeled. The color dividing lines are light, almost spontaneous in their drawing.

The artist paints his pictures very calmly. The intention is to achieve the autonomy effect of the work. Therefore, he avoids any suggestions of spirituality and rejects emotional expression. The composition is created by a subtle gradation of color and division of the surface of the picture. Each color in his hard-edge painting affects adjacent colors. Color spaces cover the entire space. What he achieved in these works is remodeling typical forms, colors and lines into a unique reinterpretation of the surface of the painting. The work exudes peace and harmony.