Robert Lardus – POLIPROFILES – hard-edge art

Robert Lardus – POLIPROFILES – hard-edge art

Hard-edge art is fully abstract painting. The sharp-edged forms are flat. This style departs completely from the expressive properties of gesture abstraction. These pictures are economical in form, filled with abstract spaces of color. They exude an impersonal performance. We feel the artist’s full control when creating smooth surface spaces. The artist focuses on simple forms and intense colors.

Robert Lardus' paintings from the POLiPROFILE series stand out from other hard-edge art works. The effect of his painting is surprising. All images create a visually engaging story. This is due to the unique use of lines. The sharp edge dividing the canvas into areas of uniform color is unique. Soft, with sharp turns, dynamic. There is not even a simple fragment in it. It has the features of a poetic tale. It is characterized by the power of communication obtained thanks to the simplicity and finesse of forms. Robert Lardus' hard edge art is not based on visual symmetry. This feature distinguishes this style from mainstream hard-edge painting.

A play of colors

The play of colors is a game of balance, quiet narration, and a very aesthetic story. A combination of ranges of harmonizing or contrasting colors. Tasteful colors, refined in their subtlety. Robert Lardus looks for colors that meet his criteria of inner beauty. Each painting exudes the presence of a rich and saturated color, the purity of soft and studied lines and a flat surface. Sometimes we have the impression that the painter ignores the relationship between the colors that make up the composition. Pictures attract with their preoccupation, with the expressive power of color, fascination with their combinations into unprecedented ranges.

Hard-edge art performed by Lardus seems to be simple, even crude. But this is only an illusion. All paintings from the POLIPROFILES series are precisely planned, invented before the painting itself begins. The artist had a clear vision that allowed him to create unique paintings. It is an autonomous art. It does not show the viewer the artist’s perspective. It allows any interpretation. This is universal art, encoded with inner beauty.