Robert Lardus paintings at IAXAI Gallery

Robert Lardus paintings – Poliprofiles

Robert Lardus' paintings are complete wholes. Accurate messages. And there is no contradiction in this with artistic considerations and a margin for the viewer’s interpretation. Lardus presents us with visions, the viewer perceives them, but he, its creator, has the key to them.

Robert Lardus paintings from the PoliProfiles series are abstract paintings in the Hard-Edge style, in which abrupt transitions are found between color areas. Color areas are often of one unvarying color. Robert uses this style to show the multi-layeredness and complexity of human nature. The figures in the paintings are very enigmatic, even invisible, hidden under abstract forms. Robert Lardus excels in suggestion, does not impose his vision, does not speak directly. The viewer’s brain demands that what penetrates his consciousness has a shape and its cause, but when this request is not met, it fictionalizes and as a result creates surprising, changeable, changing interpretations.

Robert Lardus likes to refer to the culture of Asia. The artist, he claims, owes his full artistic catharsis. His elements are hard-edge and process painting. Her goal is an artistic journey. His painting shows plastic, abstract deliberations, as well as color and formal considerations. For this purpose, he uses his own penetrating abstract techniques. It is thanks to this uniqueness that the recipient builds his own world, his own interpretation, realizes his own feelings. He himself begins to look for new perspectives, new associations. He begins to play with the picture himself.

The artist believes that art does not exist without the interpretation of images, without evaluating, evaluating and analyzing. Works without a viewer carry no emotional charge. It is like that until you start to interpret them. They are people in galleries, we give them meaning during exhibitions and openings. Robert Lardus paintings can do that.