Robert Lardus – DYSMORPHOPHOBIA abstract idea

What abstract idea is hidden in the DYSMORPHOPHOBIA series of paintings? Robert Lardus wanted a harmony of forms, colors and a balanced composition. It’s a tricky series, a series with a message. The author paints alla prima, there is no possibility to correct mistakes. He creates images spontaneously, but with a clear, readable concept for each work. Perhaps none of these images is a model of perfection, but it introduces you to the state of serenity and satisfaction with the reception.

Lardus wrote down the painterly abstract idea in the form of a post-painterly abstraction. This trend is based on the rejection of mysticism, abstract expressionism and any residual references to the outside world. What the painter creates is purely actual art, an abstract idea. Images function in terms of basic elements of the medium itself: form, color, texture, composition, and so on.

Painting technique

The artist uses luminous, intense colors. All canvases have simple, legible and open compositions. This approach to composition is crucial for the works of the DYSMORPHOPHOBIA series. The artist wanted a message detached from associations. Using compilations of simple forms, Lardus moves from presenting the relationships of individual elements to entire systems. In his compositions, he surprises with the richness of colorful and formal combinations. Thanks to this, his abstract idea is visually intriguing and unique.

Lardus paints instinctively. This is the impression emanating from his works. In each of them he trusts his artistic intuition. As a result, the painter obtains the artistic elusiveness of his paintings. Rhythm is the basis of his formal choices. He does not give any meaning to the selected forms that make up the composition. They are unambiguous and easy to convey. Lardus paintings are a completely abstract language. Pure abstract idea language. The language of unambiguous color, repetitive rhythms, harmonious forms. It is a private journey in the area of ​​searching for harmony and beauty.