In abstract painting, one can find search for the expressive capacities of black. He is fascinated by how black captures other colors and places them in relief, as well as by a certain mysticism  coming from his way of thinking. A silent secret, how he interprets forms and finds a place for them in his art. Much remains on the side of the viewer: interpretations of mystical shapes and colors leave the onlooker in a state of uncertainty. 

Robert Lardus lives in a world of forms and colors. He cultivates his individual perception of the world, looking for simple, but sumptuous beauty. His technique is based on layers and texture paint. Robert’s artworks can be associated with richly woven renaissance tapestry in which the colors are distilled from the experiences of multiple senses.

Humanography – abstract painting

Robert Lardus is fascinated by process abstract painting. He invented dozens of original painting techniques. His “Humanography” combines the idea of writing abstract characters with icons depicting the human being as individual or submerged in a community.

Communicating is the essence of our life. It is a skill that is constantly formed. We have to communicate to play different social roles, to articulate what we think and what we see, to express see what we want and what we feel. We use a variety of signs and symbols for this. Coding and decoding individual or entire social groups messages is our whole life. Images of this series are created by a unique technique of leaching. Different density of paint is applied each time, which in the process of drying, is partly rinsed. Just like in communication between people – what we say is not what we perceive.

Robert Lardus’ abstract painting are paradoxical. The form is ambiguous and the colors surprising. The multitude of elements creates coherent images that combine tradition and modernity. Drawing, due to the technique used by the artist, is precise but at the same time full of spontaneity. A clear theme and simplicity of composition characterize every work. The subject seems metaphorical to the recipient. The artist moves from individual shapes to a larger created image:  a wide, often open composition. For Robert, the human-figure alphabet in Humanography is the basis for converting the image into a completely new form. The composition is intended to give the viewer specific reflection on the human condition. It is a story about a human being in a group, community, interacting with others. It is the effacing of the individual to the advantage of the group. Multilevel, multilayered structures show the complexity of an individual’s life in a community.

Robert Lardus abstract painting art statement

In my work, I try to capture what arises in my mind: thoughts, memories, dreams, fears. There are not always beautiful, I often want to depict ugliness. They are not always valuable, because often they arise from low motivations. For me, painting is a dialogue between the artist and his work. I can start the picture with an idea, still the finale can be an absolute surprise to me. It is best to listen to your inner you instead of imposing on the image in advance what it should look like.